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Glenn Chesnut, summer 2003, at Frank N.'s home on Lake Papakeetchie
Glenn F. Chesnut, an ordained United Methodist minister, completed his bachelor of divinity degree at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, and then went as a Fulbright scholar to Oxford University, where he earned a doctorate in theology. He has won a Prix de Rome in Classics as well as recognition from the American Society of Church History for his work on Christianity and paganism in the early Greco-Roman world. He has taught at the University of Virginia and Boston University, and is now Professor Emeritus of History and Religious Studies at Indiana University (South Bend).

In 1988 he received Indiana University's prestigious Herman Frederic Lieber Award for his teaching. He is the author of several previous books, including one of the standard works on the Christian history-writers of the Roman and early medieval world, as well as numerous articles in journal, books, and encyclopedias.

Glenn Chesnut, September 2003, National Archives Workshop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
He has more recently turned his hand to the study of the early twelve-step movement in the United States. His books The Factory Owner & the Convict and The St. Louis Gambler & the Railroad Man, which originally came out in 1996, told the story of some of the colorful figures who started A.A. in north central Indiana back in the 1940's, and the profound spiritual message which they taught by their words and deeds.

He has also developed extensive contacts with the Al-Anon movement, and consulted with members of other twelve-step programs while writing this volume. He has been the editor of an area archival journal and is also involved in A.A. archival work at the national level.

He is the moderator of the AAHistoryLovers web group, which is made up of over 1,400 members from all around the globe (the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Mexico, India, Belgium, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Scandinavian countries, and so on), most of them ordinary people who are interested in A.A. history and archives. Anyone can join and participate. But at least 95% of the people who have written the really good books on A.A. history also belong to this group, along with some other real experts, so that this is the most reliable and dependable place on the internet to get truly accurate information about A.A. history.

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Should be required reading for
all chemical dependency counselors

It should be required reading for anyone who wants to become a chemical dependency counselor. It makes the process of the spiritual awakening within the context of the twelve step program understandable to both professionals and lay person. It explains why that process is so necessary and vital within a person who is trying to grow within the twelve step program.

Lori Croy, a psychiatric nurse with many years of experience in
working with alcoholics and addicts in northern Indiana

I felt a great sense of peace

Just finished the HP and would like to thank you not just for sending it but for writing it -- really, really good. Sitting snuggly in the gut if you get my drift? It's so good to read something full of commonsense wisdom. Each time I read a chapter I felt a great sense of peace.

Fiona D., County Mayo, Ireland, one of the moderators of
the AAHistoryLovers web group, the central discussion
center for A.A. historians around the world.
June 11, 2005

A fantastic book

Glenn Chesnut has written the fantastic book The Higher Power of the Twelve-Step Program: For Believers & Non-Believers.  Worldwide a lot of satisfied readers have read it, and rated it at the highest rating, Five Stars.  I have recently bought [a copy for myself].  I can highly recommend this book.  It connected up with my own previous attempts to imagine or conceive of this Higher Power.

Online review October 5, 2004

A Treasure

Glenn C. has produced an absolute treasure of a book here; first-class, solid, profound, down-to-earth, completely accessible and thoroughly engaging in its presentation. Whether you are new to the 12 Step program or a someone with many twenty-four hours of experience, you will find an abundance of fresh ideas, valuable anecdotes, useful insights, and the unique time-tested wisdom which has grown out of 60+ years of AA experience. Thanks Glenn for this new classic -- here's one that Bill and Bob (AA's founders) would heartily recommend.

Jazz Pianist "jazzwriter1" (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
December 18, 2006 in

A book to change a life

I can honestly state that this book is one of the most practical books I have ever read. It allows one to approach spirituality from ANY perspective and, at the same time, inspires confidence in the method. Many of these type books offer only suggestions, without the "proof" that is necessary for many individuals before they become capable of committing their entire lives to the unknown. I also feel that this book was a pleasant application of many of the principals espoused by Emmet Fox and other practitioners of New Thought and the Unity (not Unitarian) Church. This book can save a life without a doubt!

George J. Dagis (Saugerties, New York)
June 26, 2004 in