The First A.A. Group in
Rensselaer: early 1948

Alan Kanne of Rensselaer, Indiana, became an active member of A.A. in late 1947 or 1948: it is believed that he may have gotten his A.A. at first by going to meetings in Chicago. Rensselaer, a small town, is located almost on the Illinois border, only fifty miles south of Chicago.

The first A.A. group in Rensselaer was begun in early 1948, holding its meetings in Alan K.’s home.

  Two years earlier, in June 1946, Ralph P. (the “Father John Doe” who wrote the Golden Books) had held the first A.A. spiritual retreat in the United States at St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, but there was not yet a local group then.

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